Albrook Mall Gets Even Bigger

By Juan Carlos Martinez

Albrook Mall is currently building its fifth phase which will add 110 retail spots to Albrook’s existing 1 km area (3,280.8399 feet) with hundreds of stores. Currently Albrook Mall has 1 km of retail area and 5,000 parking spaces with three food courts.

allbrook mall

Albrook Mall’s webpage has some curious tidbits of information which emphasize the sheer size of it. Not including the fifth phase currently being built, Albrook Mall has roughly the same number of employees as the Panama Canal. It takes 5,592 steps to walk Albrook Mall; roughly equal to going up and down the Empire State Building twice plus a few more New York City blocks. Within the total area of Albrook Mall you could build 36 football fields or five Sidney Opera Houses. For the exercise minded one full walking circuit of Albrook Mall is 2.4 km (7,874.016 feet) and would burn 204 calories. It is huge!

The new phase is already under construction and moving forward quite rapidly. It will have 1,200 parking spaces, most of them underground. It is one of the most ambitious phases of Albrook Mall.

It must be noted that Albrook Mall is across the National Transport Terminal which is where all buses to and from the interior stop. It is also adjacent to Albrook Airport which serves as a domestic air terminal.

The three hotels to be built in the fifth phase of Albrook Mall are Ramada Plaza and Casino, Hotel Gran Terminal and Days Inn. The Hotel Gran Terminal will be a low cost option for local travelers geared at those arriving by bus at the Transport Terminal. It will offer 120 rooms. The Ramada Plaza and Casino will have 326 rooms and will target the corporate market. Finally Days Inn will have a limited service concept offering 209 rooms. The fifth phase will kick off with the launch of the Ramada Inn and a spa. Immediately after this the other two hotels with begin construction.

Since they are still negotiating with franchises there are not many details available, however Felix B. Maduro will be present in the fifth phase as an anchor store with 5,000 mts2 (53,819.552 square feet) of retail space. Banco General, Banesco and Credicorp Bank will also be present.

Albrook Mall developer Grupo Los Pueblos is also building and promoting a large mall in the sector of Arraijan 10 minutes after crossing the Bridge of the Americas. It will be called West Land Mall with an investment of $80 million. West Land will have 300 retail spaces, a food court, and ample parking.


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