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Restaurants, Coronado and the West Beaches has it all!


Dining in this tropical land offers everything from local favorites to a wide range of international flavors. With a little bit of guidance, you can find the best in great food and menus to delight your senses.

All along the Pan American Highway you will find little restaurants within the small towns that you pass, or just what seems to be in the middle of no where. If they look like they have been there forever, that is a good sign, the food must be good to sustain a steady clientele. One such example, a place passed many times that looked like it sold pottery, when in fact it was a fabulous little restaurant. All of the food was fresh from the local farms, as was the fish caught just that morning. Sitting outside with friendly service and not only delicious, but an extremely affordable meal was a delight. It is often said in Panama that it is less expensive to eat out than to cook. Now that, is music to your ears.

The list of fine restaurants is quite impressive for those of you wishing to celebrate with a more formal and elegant environment. Some of the best food can be found, from the seemingly simple appearance from the outside, in the smaller family restaurants that have been around for many years. Never judge a book from its cover is quite true, what is behind these doors of the more humble restaurants, is some of the best food around at amazing prices and varieties. There are a few places that are owned and operated by ex-pats. If it is a European, then the menu will reflect the region that they came from. Here you are in Panama, ordering dumplings or corned beef or sauerkraut. You just never know, thus PanamaQ magazine wishes to lend a hand.

Join us in seeing just a few of the varied choices; it will certainly wet your appetite.

La Carreta Steakhouse / La Carreta Steakhouse is decorated in a rustic style, with a three level thatched hut.

El Rincon del Chef / El Rincon del Chef has been a popular restaurant for the local beach community residents, as well as a favorite stopping…

Punta Chame Villas Restaurant / Features a full restaurant, serving delicious breakfast, lunches and dinners, including tropical fruits and…

La Ruina in Gorgona / The history of La Ruina in Gorgona is a work in progress. The best way to know is through the experience…

El Rincón Cubano / Cuban food is now available in Chame just 10 minutes east of Coronado on the Pan American Highway…



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