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One of the beauties of Panama is that there are many beaches close to the city.  Within one hour and a few minutes depending on your driving speed, you could be in Punta Chame, Playa Gorgona, Playa Coronado and Punta Barco on the Pacific side.  A little further West you have El Palmar, San Carlos, Rio Mar, Santa Clara, Farallón, and Rio Hato.

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These beaches on the Pacific side of Panama are most popular as there is pretty good road access to them and there are a lot of facilities readily available in most of these beaches or close by. The above beaches are located on what is called the Dry Arch which is a strip of land where there is less rain in the summer months.  Panama, being a tropical country always gets some amount of rain, even in the summer. This region, the Dry Arch, gets almost no rain during the summer months, which makes it ideal for beach vacations.  Many new resorts  and developments have, or are in the process of opening.  (Please note: if you are from parts of Europe, France, Spain, UK, Canada, or the United States, your Winter is Panama's Summer)

It is quite easy to get to these beaches. Public transportation is available from the bus terminal at Albrook which may be a bit confusing.  However, after one finds the correct bus you will most likely be dropped off on the on the highway in the general area where you are going. In many cases one will need to take a cab to the actual beach area.  

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Another option is to rent a car, and once out of the city there are plenty of road signs that will lead you to the beach desired. If you do not like that one you can then drive a few minutes down the road and you will find another beach community.  If staying at one of the resorts they will be most happy to arrange transportation to your request location.

For a beach hopping excursion Coronado would serve well as a base. Thus one can day trip  to get to know all the other wonderful beaches of the Pacific Gold Coast returning in the evening to a dinner of fresh seafood in one of Coronado´s multiple restaurants and a good nights sleep at any of the hotels, or rentals available.  

In addition to its proximity and cultural similarities to the United States of America, Panama has an excellent banking system, which is also the second largest in the world after Switzerland, and is the trade and transport hub of the region. The country has put in place investment-friendly laws, where even foreigners have the right to purchase property legally. Panama property titles, even if owned by foreigners, are safe and protected by law, just as they are in the United States. In fact, US-based Stewart Title Company and First American Title & Insurance Company both offer title insurance on property in Panama.

Panama also offers several tax exemptions to people wanting to settle here after retirement. Besides allowing tax free import of personal house belongings, duty free import of a new car for private use is also allowed every two years. Owners of all new construction, whether retirees or not, are exempt from the payment of property tax for a period of 20 years. No capital controls are placed, with easy movement of funds to its country of origin without any kind of restrictions or taxes. Panama is amongst the best six locations on the continent to own a second home, according to Conde Nast Traveler.

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