Are Your Eyes The Age You Want Them to Be?

One recent patient already had “work done” elsewhere on her eyes, but was not satisfied with the results.  In surfing the web., using “blepharolplasty “and “Columbia” as her search words, she came up with our previous feature on Dr. Vasquez seen here: http://www.panamaqmagazine.com/T_hightech_doctor.html  
She quickly changed countries and made an appointment with Dr. Vasquez.  Later, she contacted PanamaQ Magazine, reporting that she was well pleased with her second blepharolplasty and thankful to see the feature about this wonderful doctor.  Why Columbia, she couldn’t answer, but from her search, she now knows that Panama is one of the top countries for medical tourism.
Patients come to Panama to Dr. Vasquez for eye rejuvenation as a result of recommendations from Oculoplastic surgeons who know of Dr. Vasquez’s work, and all of the patient referrals so happy and satisfied with their experience and results. The cost of these procedures in Panama are far more reasonable, actually a fraction of the cost than most places where high quality medical work is done. Dr, Vasquez performs several different procedures on the eye.   Earlier in his career, he received training in his subspecialty of Ocuploplasty and Orbital Surgery, which was competed at West Virginia University.

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Prior to the surgery, patients are asked to have the following laboratory tests: Complete Blood Count with platelets, Coagulation times (TP,TPT), and Glicemia (fastening blood sugar). In case they have any health condition, other pertinent tests will be requested.
 Every patient over 40 years old is required to have a Cardiologist evaluation with EKG. In the case of pulmonary, diabetes, or other conditions, referral to the pertinent specialist is mandatory for pre-op evaluation and recommendations. Lab tests and medical evaluations from another country are valid within 3 months prior to surgery in most cases. Patients should stop any blood thinner medication prior to surgery, reduce or eliminate cigarette smoking, and keep a well-cleaned skin.  A complete list of current medications and its indications is very important.

 On the day of surgery, the patient has not eaten or had anything to drink for 12 hours. After preparing the skin with an antiseptic solution, the skin incisions are marked, and the patient is injected with local anesthesia under sedation provided by an Anesthesiologist, who will provide the required supervision of vital signs and sedation status. The surgical procedure is performed using a CO2 laser for cutting, dissecting, and coagulation. After the surgery, there is a recovery room where the patient may wait with family until the doctor approves discharge.
 Follow up visits are scheduled for the next day, and around 10 days post op for suture removal.  The doctor recommends for a medical tourist to remain a minimum of 2 weeks after surgery. During the first 3 days after surgery, patients are expected to sleep at a 45 degrees angle, and about every 3 hours during awake time to apply ice water compresses over the eyelids. Oral and topical antibiotics are prescribed. Large sunglasses are used to avoid direct sunlight over the operated skin.  After the first 3 days, the patient can become a medical tourist, unless otherwise advised.
Dr. Vasquez also performs LASIK procedures that allow the patient to combine a surgical procedure with a vacation in the tropics.  In addition, Dr. Vasquez performs treatments for a wide range of problems, using the latest in technology and equipment.  To learn more about this, please see: http://www.panamaqmagazine.com/T_hightech_doctor.html
Tourists to Panama or tourists on cruise ships occasionally have eye problems that require the skill of Dr. Vasquez.  Many of these same travelers come again to the country for routine eye exams or other treatments so that they can use this competent doctor.
 Dr. Vasquez keeps up with all of the latest advances in eye surgery and eye care. He recently attended the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Annual Fall Scientific Symposium, in Chicago.  In his 23 years in practice, Dr. Vasquez consistently has been involved in continuing education and advanced practice techniques.
In summarizing his work, Dr. Vasquez states: “We offer all our patients information in detail, listen to their expectations, and help them make an educated decision. This process takes time, but I do not see myself doing it in another way. We are continuously investigating and incorporating new and proven techniques and equipment, and receiving the most advanced medical education.”

Dr. Roberto Javier Vasquez

Dr. Vasquez can be reached by phone in Panama City at 264-0620
(if calling from outside of Panama, dial international code 011-507-264-0620) or email ROJABEL@cwpanama.net
Visit his websites at www.ocuclinic.com or www.ophthalmoclinic.com 
His office is located on the sixth floor of Paitilla Medico Consultorios on Calle 53, across from Hospital Paitilla. 


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