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Panama At Night

By Will Irvine


Panama is rumba town.  If you don't know Spanish "rumba" is a party. There is nothing Panamanians love more than a party.  If you are truly a hardcore party person Panama is the place for you.  There is something to do every evening from Sunday to Sunday.  Sunday is a pretty slow day though, so your best bet would be the casinos which always have something going on.

Other than that there are several spots were nightclubs, bars and restaurants congregate.  One of the main spots is Calle Uruguay with restaurants, bars and discotheques where people just park wherever they can and cruise from place to place depending on the type of music and activity they want.  There are places where you go dancing, others are watering spots and still others have live bands while others have a lounge atmosphere.  In Calle Uruguay some of the current discotheques are The Loft, Moods, Mint, Seis, Pure and People.  Bear in mind that these discos are there for a while then they close down and remake themselves with a face lift to have a new, fresher look that attracts clients and keeps up with the competition.  Calle Uruguay has been around for quite a few years and there is always something new going on there.  Remember that Calle Uruguay is also a good spot for eating as there are several restaurants in the area such as Market, Madame Chang, Habibi's, Peperoncini, and many others.  

Another area for "rumba" is the Causeway.  It used to be that all the bars and discos were at the little mall at the end of the Causeway and it was a huge party all weekend. Now there are mostly restaurants there and the bars and discos moved to a newer plaza in the middle of the Causeway and now there is Zona Viva at the beginning of the Causeway behind the Figali Convention Center.  Zona Viva is the new hot spot to "rumbear".  Yes there is a verb for partying in Panamanian "rumbear". Zona Viva is a boulevard with more than 20 discotheques and room for more yet.  There are discos for every taste some with a Latin flavor where the predominant music is salsa.  Others cater to a younger clientele with lounge and rock music.  Some of the discos in Zona Viva0 are The Building, Heaven, Chill Out, Rain and Pahyá.

Then there are the bars.  These for some reason have a longer lifespan than discotheques and undergo less changes.  They generally expand. There are bars in Panama that have been around for many years and are popular with a wide range of ages and types of people.  These bars generally have regular clients and people go basically because it is always a familiar environment. They are a bit more quiet than discotheques and generally there are less people.  Some bars that are very popular in Panama and have been around for years are the German bar Steinbocks, on Vía Cincuentenario, Isthmus Brew Pub, El Pavo Real and La Taberna 21 in El Cangrejo, The Londoner on Calle Uruguay, La Casona in Casco Viejo, among quite a few others.

Get ready cause you're going to "party all night long".

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