Suan Spa:
Body Sculpting and Skin Rejuvenation,
Coronado, Republic of Panama

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by Deborah Turl

In the fast growing beach community of Coronado, just some 55 minutes away from Panama City, SUAN Sculpting SPA has opened it’s doors. It is the result of the merging of the ideas of three innovative beauty experts: Susana Cheng, Faith Cheng and Anna Cofer with a desire to provide the latest technology in SPA sculpting and cosmetic care. Located in the newly opened Bayside Center Complex near the entrance to Coronado. This modern and elegant SPA provides relaxing ambience and healthy natural skin products and body care to women of all ages or skin conditions. One on one personal attention coupled by state of the art technology and highly trained personnel is what differentiates Suan from other SPAS in the country.

Inspired by the beauty of their natural surroundings, Susana, Faith and Anna have researched the beauty industry to provide the most upscale skincare. Their findings led to “PHYTOMER”, the pioneer of marine cosmetics which is a new form of skin care that offers the best of the sea to your beauty regime. Founded in 1972 in France, Phytomer is known for its innovative technology ensuring irreproachable quality and optimal tolerance with the constant aim to protect the marine environment in order to draw the most precious ingredients from the sea that are used in the manufacturing of their skin care products. Oligomer is an exclusive secret ingredient that contains all the re mineralizing properties of sea water necessary for the balance and vitality of the face and body.

Suan believes that the most beautiful cosmetic a woman can wear is her natural, healthy skin. As a compliment and perfect match to Phytomer, Suan introduces mineral cosmetics – which are much more than a refinement of conventional makeup, but serve as a true extension of skin care. They believe in the use of effective and safe products recommended by plastics surgeons, dermatologists, and skin care professionals. Suan’s vision is the use of natural, and state of the art technology to achieve beautiful, flawless skin and a healthy sculpted body.

Looking at the background of this innovative team, it is not difficult to understand the desire and total commitment each has devoted to making Suan one of the most modern facilities to provide professional services in the country. Susana is well established in Coronado bringing many years of experience and is an active entrepreneur in Panama. She obtained her BAS from York University in Toronto, Canada and trained as Auditor and Financial Analyst. Furthermore, she obtained her International MBA in management in the United Kingdom. Her vast managerial experience and education achievements make Suan another successful business accomplishment.




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