Restaurant Romantica is fabulous. The food is so fresh and well prepared that no one ever gets disappointed. I loved getting up, walking maybe 20 steps to my morning coffee, fresh mango, papaya, pineapple and egg breakfast while I gazed at the beginning of yet another day of perfect weather and glorious vistas. The menu is unique in that it is more than just local fare, it is actually more international and varied than you can imagine. There is a full bar here, as well as one on the beach at Beach Bar Hawaii. During the holidays such as Carnival, many visitors come to enjoy the great atmosphere and service. It is likely that there will be 10 to 20 yachts anchored near by during these times, and they do come ashore adding even more character and characters to your visit. 


When you choose your room from the website, you will note that all are air-conditioned with full baths. Some rooms have views, which almost doesn’t matter since most of your time will be outdoors anyway. All are more than comfortable, clean and will meet all of your needs. 

If exploring is desired, you can rent a scooter or a golf cart to get around the island. There are 13 sandy beaches to choose from, even one nude beach, Playa Sueca. It is pretty hot walking, so carry water either way. If you want to snorkel or scuba dive or just go boating to neighboring islands, this too is possible. The Villa Romantica has a glass bottom boat and can furnish you with different site seeing trips. Families enjoy the sun and sea but can also play a round of miniature golf, play chess on Charly’s big chessboard or go for a round of table tennis.


One of the best ways to end an article is to see what other people have to say. Please note that the quotes below are from people long after we discovered and were so pleasantly taken back by Villa Romantica. 

Four quotes from a previous guests

"If you are looking for a getaway on a beautiful beach with terrific hosts then this is the place for you. Charly (the owner) and his staff make you feel as if you are part of the family". 

"The Villa Romantico Resteraunt is the best on the Island. If you are staying somewhere else Charly will come and pick you up at your hotel for no charge, to dine their for diner and return you to your hotel".

"Villa Romantico is the most amazing place, nestled right above a beautiful, white sand beach. The view is breathtaking, as you sit in the open air restaurant and become mesmerized by the turquoise ocean water".

"The owners of Villa Romantico are a dynamic duo: Yarelis Suira and Charly, aka Karl/Charlito! This couple is the friendliest, most hospitable, warm, generous pair you will ever meet"!
To get even more information, go to www.visitcontadoraisland.com or www.contadora-villa-romantica.com , as well as www.youtube.com/watch?v52qSIehgivU
Our visits have been numerous, and enjoyment has only increase. We hope your time spent there is as wonderful as ours have been.


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Yarelis and Charly
Phone: (507)250 4067
Email: info@visitcontadoraisland.com to make reservations.




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