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Panama is a treasure trove of the very finest culture, cuisine and natural splendor in Latin America today. From its cosmopolitan capital city, sophisticated infrastructure and thriving business district to its remote rainforest interiors and secluded palm-fringed beaches, Panama is fast becoming one of the world’s most desirable retirement and travel locations.

PanamaQ magazine is the quintessential authority for discerning individuals interested in this vibrant paradise. Delivering comprehensive, provocative journalism and rich photographic essays, PanamaQ is the ultimate guide and inspiration for an elite audience of world-class travelers.

Panama’s captivating history and culture are tremendously alluring to sojourners from across the globe. PanamaQ introduces them to the country’s most fascinating people, places and traditions. We venture inside the finest residences, resorts and restaurants exploring Panamanian lifestyles, original interior design, inviting communities and famed city dwellings.

Rated as a top destination, Panama offers an enticing array of advantages and opportunities for all ages with discriminating taste, and for those who not only visit but who call Panama home. PanamaQ serves as their trusted source, providing insight into finance and wealth preservation, medical tourism, real estate investment, even The Pensionado program – the world’s best retirement incentive structure.

Smart, sophisticated, authoritative, PanamaQ is the magazine for the upscale audience - and advertisers wishing to reach them and keep them coming back.

Robert Leckie, Publisher

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The following are the legal national holidays in Panama (these are established in article 46 of the labor code):
1. January first (new year)
2. January ninth (memorial day)
3. Tuesday of Carnival (the day of this holiday is variable it normally take places during the last days of February).
4. Holy Friday (the day of this holiday is variable it normally
take place in March)
5. May First (labor day)
6. November third (separation from Colombia day)
7. November Fifth (commemorating the contribution of the
province of Colon to the separation from Colombia)
8. November tenth (commemorating the first shout of Independence)
9. November twenty eight (Independence from Spain)
10. December eight (mothers day)
11. December twenty Fifth (Christmas) 


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