1950’s Romance: still alive in Bocas del Toro


By Cherrye Moore

sanblasbeachIt is easy to fall in love with a country where romance lingers at the edge of every mountain cliff, where brightly colored flora and rainforest alcoves arouse the senses, and awakening to the sounds of tropical birds is an everyday occurrence. Panama is a natural romantic hideaway, where snorkeling with sea turtles or kayaking with dolphins isn’t a distant dream, but an easily achieved reality. In a country where thatched-roof huts overlooking emerald oceans is commonplace, the most romantic getaways are to be found in one place - Bocas del Toro.
Bocas del Toro offers all of the romance travelers expect in a Caribbean island vacation, with an injection of funk and charm reminiscent of 1950’s Key West. Local characters enhance the allure of Bocas del Toro, where English is more common than in any other Panamanian region and a friendly face is seen at every corner.
The Bocas del Toro archipelago boasts 68 forest-filled islands, immaculate beaches, dense jungle terrain, remote mountains, crystal clear waterfalls, and extensive coral gardens. Endangered sea turtles are plentiful in these waters and rare neon-colored frogs and three-toed sloths make these islands their home.
Colon Island is the largest island and offers delightful hotels and fine-dining experiences, while serving as an ideal base for exploring the region. The remote Bluff Beach features three-miles of distinctive bright orange sand where couples can easily spot white-faced monkeys as they stroll along the coast. Five minutes away, Little Swan’s Cay is a 70 meter (230’) long peak that is home to many species of rare birds, and is the only nesting site in Panama for the uncommon red-billed tropicbird. Vacationers wanting to absorb the charm of Bocas Town should stay at the Hotel Tropical Suites. Located in the center of this bustling town, the hotel features sound-proof walls and windows, a romantic Jacuzzi bath, and a fully equipped kitchen in each of their 16 suites.
Starry-eyed lovers wanting to veer a little farther from town should consider a visit to the Garden of Eden Resort. This adults only hotel is set on the private island of Isla Solarte and offers guests the intimacy needed for a romantic escape. The secluded swimming pool features veiled Tiki huts and romantic dinners are served in private cabanas. Guests can unwind by relaxing in their personal hammock or by socializing in the open air bar and terrace.


Another romantic option is Tranquilo Bay, an all-inclusive resort nestled in the rainforest in jungle-rich Isla Bastimentos. Offering over one kilometer (.62 miles) of coastline, 110 acres of land, and three ecosystems, guests have their choice of relaxing in the Main Lodge or one of the six cabanas or trekking off-property to enjoy one of the many excursions offered through the resort.
The romantic charm and bohemian funk of Bocas del Toro create an atmosphere that is impossible to duplicate. The area seduces travelers and entices them to bask in the enchantment of this paradise. Q


The Bocas del Toro archipelago boasts 68 forest-filled islands, immaculate beaches, dense jungle terrain, remote mountains, crystal clear waterfalls, and extensive coral gardens.


When visiting a tropical destination such as Panama everyone wants to experience something new and exciting and what could be more exciting than white water rafting in the best rapids found throughout the world?
The class III and IV tours are not for the faint of heart as they require much skill before you undertake the most challenging sections of Rio Chiriqui. Although The Chiriqui Viejo River is about a 7 hour drive from Panama City, an adventure you will be thrilled you came.


Panama is the second largest free zone in the world. First is Hong Kong.

Panama has the best infrastructure in Latin America. The United States had much to do with this since it worked with Panama on building out the Canal.


Panama is Hurricane free, and has not had destructive earthquakes as its neighbors bordering this isthmus of beauty.


Panama land size is on par with South Carolina, and uses the U.S. Dollar as it's currency.



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