"Carnavales", Panama´s Iconic Party |  "Carnavales", La celebración emblemática de Panamá … the most important holiday for Panamanians. It is a celebration similar to a Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

El Valle, A Magical Oasis |   El Valle, Un mágico Oasis … There has always been something alluring about volcanos…as time passes and the lake is slowly drained, leaving now, the most amazing, fertile soil that could give birth to some of the richest vegetation in all of Panama.

The Panama Jazz Festival |
 El Festival de Jazz de Panamá… The festival will not only be about concerts but it will have the usual dose of master classes and music clinics

Panamanian Pitch Closes The World Series | Lanzamiento Panameño Cierra la Serie Mundial…
a kid from Panama City who basically played stickball in the streets, using milk cartons for gloves and sticks for bats…it is Mariano Rivera

The Panama Biodiversity Museum | El Museo de Biodiversidad de Panamá…
The Biodiversity Museum: Panama Bridge of Life is the official name of the new museum currently being built in Panama

Solid, Steady Growth for 2010 | Erecimiento Sólido y Seguro para el 2010…The International Monetary Fund projects an estimated growth of 3.7% for the Panamanian economy in 2010

November – Panama´s Independence month | ENoviembre – Mes de la Independencia de Panamá…Four of the most significant days in Panama´s history are in November.

More visitors for Panama | Mas Visitantes para Panamá… The ATP, Panama’s Tourism Authority has this year come up with an aggressive strategy to make Panama one of the top destinations for tourists through marketing campaigns such as Panama 25% off…

Martinelli Campaign Promises| El Presidente Ricardo Martinelli ha empezado a trabajar en cumplir lo que prometió durante su campaña
announced to the press that new hospitals will be built in remote areas with few medical facilities such as Darien, which does not currently have a hospital, Bocas Del Toro and the Indian reserves

Understanding Panama and Panamanians, Cultural and Historic Routes | Entendiendo Panamá y los Panameños, Rutas Culturales e Históricas
Panama has three basic races: the Indians who were here when the Spanish colonized, the Spanish (Caucasians) and the blacks who








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