Panama – intense competition – on the Telecom Front |
Panamá - competencia intensa - en el frente de las telecomunicaciones

Nowadays most people live on their mobile phones. Changing your mobile phone carriers becomes a hassle because you must call, text .…

Panama's Biodiversity: The greatest diversity in all the Oriental Pacific |
La Biodiversidad en Panamá: La mayor biodiversidad en todo el Pacífico Oriental
The Pacific Ocean of Panama has 80 different species of coral, this is 40% more that any other region in the oriental Pacific from Mexico to Ecuador.

Boutique Hotels in Panama  |
Hoteles Boutique en Panamá Una nota interesante sobre turismo en Panamá

Panama Tourism Authority mentioned that it will start conversations with the company Paradores de España, for the construction of boutique hotels near historical monuments in Panama

Metromall, A New Shopping Option | Metromall, Una Nueva Opción para Ir de Compras
A new mall opened at the end of October. Panamanians flocked to welcome a new addition to their roster of shopping centers: Metromall.

New Export Markets Open Up for Panama | Se Abren Nuevos Mercados de Exportación para Panamá
In 2010 Panama´s President Ricardo Martinelli, is scheduled to visit Singapore

Panama: Las Vegas in Latin America | Panamá: Las Vegas en Latinoamérica
Luck and games of chance are a huge hit in Panama

President Martinelli, Walks in Citizen's Shoes of Panama |
El Presidente Ricardo Martinelli, En los Zapatos del Pueblo
The president is constantly seen in a shirt with short sleeves, no tie and slacks walking around like a casual business person. He has dispensed with a lot of state protocol and is a more accessible president.

Panama Captures the European Tourism Market | Panamá Captura el Mercado Turístico Europeo
Panama’s Tourism Authority has long had its eye set on the tourist markets of Europe and the strategy applied seems to be paying off

Panama, A Maritime Heavyweight | Panamá, Potencia Marítima
Panama has a long tradition in the maritime world due to its position as pathway between the seas, the number of ships registered under its flag and their first class port facilities.

Who's Who: Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Current Administration

Panama Aggressively Seeks Trade Partners for its Non-Traditional Exports |
Panamá Busca de Forma Agresiva Socios Comerciales para sus Exportaciones No-Tradicionales
Panama is currently EFTA´s biggest trade partner in Central America and the Caribbean.

Gold Bullion Now Available in Panama | Metales Preciosos Ahora Disponibles en Panamá
Very few new products are introduced in Panama which is why Credicorp Bank's recent introduction of its Gold Bullion product garnered it a prominent spot in the local news.

Panama: Trends And Forecasts For The Construction Industry |
Panamá: tendencias y pronósticos para la industria de la construcción

Post-economic crisis results are in. The dust has settled and Panama keeps growing. Not as strongly as before but it is still in an upwards swing.






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