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SINAPROC Makes Panamanian Beaches Safe for Tourists |
SINAPROC Verano Seguro para Turistas en las Playas de Panamá
"Safe Summer 2010" is the name of SINAPROC´S summer safety program in swimming areas meaning beaches, water holes or rivers.

Panama´s Housing Deficit | El Déficit Habitacional en Panamá
With the amazing real estate boom you would think that there is no housing deficit in Panama and you would be mistaken…With regards to low income housing it is with this new government that strides are starting to be made.

Panama Bonds Attractive to World Markets |
Bonos Panamá son Atractivos para los Mercados Mundiales
Panama Bonds are still hot in world financial markets. When Panama issued the Panama 2020 bonds it immediately got orders from the US and Europe for 80% of the issue…

It´s Summer in Panama. What´s on the Agenda? | Es Verano en Panamá. ¿Qué hay en la Agenda?
Summer is here but don´t think the beach or river is the only activity in Panama… There are open air concerts on the stairs of the Administration Building this coming 30th of January starting at 3:00 PM with national artists.

Phase Two Of Tocumen Airport Expansion Underway |
La Fase Dos De La Expansión Del Aeropuerto Internacional De Tocumen Avanza
President Ricardo Martinelli, delivered the order for Phase Two of the Expansion of Tocumen Airport to proceed…expansion is expected to be finished in early 2011.

Panamanian Government Sets Up a One Stop Shop for Investors |
El Gobierno de Panamá Facilita el Proceso a los Inversionistas
The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has indicated that it will open a new office exclusively dedicated to attracting foreign investment to Panama…

Boquete: The Annual Flower And Coffee Fair | Boquete: La Feria Anual De Flores Y Del Cafe
The fair circuit always kicks off with the Flower and Coffee Fair in Boquete which is one of the most popular fairs in the country. It takes place in the town of Boquete in Chiriqui.

Panama as a Brand | Panamá Como Marca
Marketing has become the cornerstone of doing business and one of the elements used in marketing is branding… The tourism industry is making use of this marketing strategy to market countries as destinations.

The Panama Metro Moves Forward | El Metro de Panamá Sigue Adelante
One of President Ricardo Martinelli's campaign promises was to overhaul the public transportation system. His first step was to announce the studies for a Metro system through Panama City…

Panamacompras, an excellent business opportunity |
Panamacompras, una excelente oportunidad de negocios

The Panama government established a web portal called Panamacompras in order to add transparency, speed and openness to the government purchasing program.…

Panama Uniting The Continent For Electrical Interconnection From Mexico To Colombia |
Panamá, Nuevamente Uniendo Al Continente Para Interconexión Eléctrica Desde México A Colombia
Highly ambitious project which intends to connect all of Central America and Colombia with electrical lines in order to facilitate the exchange of electricity.…

Panama, Summer Hotel Occupancy In An Upwards Trend |
Panama, La Tasa De Ocupacion De Hoteles Este Verano Será Muy Alta

Hotel occupancy rates reflect a big upsurge for the end of 2009 and the summer months of 2010.…

Molas Go Up Market With Their Own Museum Exhibit |
s Molas Suben A Categoria De Museo Con Su Propia Exhibición
Upon coming to Panama and inquiring about the native art one of the first pieces you will be shown is a mola. A mola is really a work of art …

Panama's Government Leads in Technological Innovation | El Gobierno de Panamá Lideriza en Innovación Tecnológica
Another of President Martinelli's campaign promises related to technology, for example free internet for all to bring Panama up to speed …

Panama Gets Financed by the New York Stock Market |
Panamá Obtiene Financiamiento en el Mercado de Valores de Nueva York
Republic of Panama placed 1 Billion USD in global bonds in the New York Stock Market…

Surfing and Diving in Santa Catalina | Surfeo y Buceo en Santa Catalina
Santa Catalina, known internationally for some of the finest waves off the Pacific coast, it is also a haven for divers…

Economic Crisis? Not In Panama | ¿Crisis Economica? No En Panama
Panama is still growing in spite of the very uncertain economic climate… The amount purchased by Panamanians went up by 12%

Panama, A Great Place to Do Business According to Doing Business Index |
Panamá, Un Excelente Lugar para Hacer Negocios de Acuerdo al Indice de “Doing Business”
Panama improved in many of these points thereby climbing 4 notches to take position the position of 5th best place to invest and do business in Latin America

Mars Bars in Panama | Mars Bars en Panamá
Since August 2007 to this day 31 companies have set up their headquarters in Panama… Mars has chosen Panama to set up its new regional office to provide support to its subsidiaries in the Central American and Caribbean region.…




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