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Boca del Drago, a beautiful beach on Isla Colon in Bocas del Toro, Panama




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Buried in the mountains of Panama’s Chiriqui region - seduced by the sound of the nearby Caldera River, your next cup of joe is being born. Panama has a total of 17 national parks, forest reserves and wild life refuges.

orchidSmithsonian Institute of Tropical Research |
El Instituto Smithsonian de Investigaciones
Tropicales y su papel

For over 80 years, The Smithsonian Institute of Tropical Research has been studying plants and wild life in Panama with over 10,000 species of plants, about 1,200 varieties of orchids, 1,500 types of trees and 678 different ferns.


Darien National Park: home to many rare birds |
El Refugio de vida salvaje Barro Colorado en el Lago Gatún

the most extensive of all of Panama’s national parks. Darien National Park is accessible only by trail or river, the park was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site and a biosphere reserve in 1981. This park is a dense primary tropical rainforest and is home to many rare birds, including the world’s largest flying predator, the harpy eagle.

Baru Volcano National Park: highest elevation in Panama | El Parque Nacional Volcán Barú: la elevación más alta en Panamá
3,475 meters above sea level, is the highest elevation in Panama and is dominated by the extinct volcano, Baru Volcano. Both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea are visible from the top of this peak.



La Amistad International Park: a World Heritage site |
Parque Internacional la Amistad: un Legado Mundial de la Humanidad

With great bio-diversity and numerous endemic species, exotic wildlife, spread over an area of 511,508.14 acres, this park crosses borders and is shared by Panama and Costa Rica. With an array of ecosystems such as cloud forests, coral reefs, mangrove forests, it is famous for the harpy eagle and quetzal. The park can be accessed from Cerro Punta, Changuinola and Bocas del Toro.


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Panama tourism will grow more from Venezuelans wishing to travel to and from Panama, with the recent announcement of a Panama-Caracas-Panama flights of the Venezuelan carrier SBA airlines. The route will be added starting July 1.
Alvarez Mendez Executive Vice-President said “this step is part of a three-phase plan. First, strengthening SBA Airlines’ operations in the United States, second, launching flights to and from the European continent, and now offering routes to Panama,” SBA Airlines began operations in 1998.


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