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If you're looking for white water adventure Panama has what you may be looking for.

Extreme Water Rafting in Panama | Navegar Rápidos Extremos en Panamá
For anyone looking for the most extreme type of adventures within Panama, white water rafting or kayaking is sure to be your first choice. The Chiriqui Viejo is the world class white water rafting river you will have the pleasure of tackling which is located near the border of Panama and Costa Rica.

Soberania National Park: World famous birding site
Known for its world famous birding site, Soberania National Park is spread over an area of 47,792.6 acres. The park contains excellent hiking trails and includes the cobblestone trail by which Peruvian gold was transported … Fishing is permitted in the Gatun Lake and the River Chagres. The park is located 25 kilometers from Panama City.




Chagres National Park: Preserving the main watershed of the Panama Canal | Parque Nacional Chagres: Preservando la cuenca principal del Canal de Panamá
This park is spread over an area of 318,765.94 acres, includes the Chagres River and Alajuela Lake. Comprised of hiking trails through elfin forests, the Park is located 40 kilometers from Panama City.



Day Trip to San Blassanblas
The sun was still in hiding as my friends and I topped off our second cup of coffee and started our one-day road trip to the San Blas Islands. Visiting San Blas, with its archipelago of 365 islands and unspoiled indigenous culture .

This is One of the Best Beaches in Panama
The sand is a mixture of black and white, but the pictures clearly show it is close to sugar white, perhaps it changes seasonly or with memory. Depending on your needs and desires, you might say there are no real places to buy food, restaurants or really any places to stay…


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Panama City has an estimated 730,000 population, with a total estimated population within the Republic of Panama of 3,100,000.


President Obama believes that the U.S. needs a new framework for trade with Panama. Thus he recognizes trade to be essential to America’s prosperity with the potential to lift up workers in the U.S., and around the world. For this to be accomplished, trade agreements need to include strong labor and environmental standards. The greening of the globe.


Panama’s economy, is one of the fastest growing economies in Latin America. Panama’s GDP has grown over eight % in each of the last three years. Panama’s per capita GDP ranks among the highest in all of Latin America. In 2008, the unemployment level in Panama was 5.6 percent. For a global down turn this number is impressive


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