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Airlines that fly to Panama

By Will Irvine

Finding flights to Panama City, Panama
(Use Tocumen International Airport, airport code PTY)


Airlines have a variety of flights from the United States, the best of which originate from their hub cities for direct flights. All travelers know that connecting flights are often swift, easy and less expensive. On the flip side, they can be challenging if flights are delayed or the gates are positioned far apart.

The major direct flight carriers are Continental Airlines, who fly direct from Newark, NJ and Houston, TX. American Airlines has a quick flight from Miami, FL that takes just a couple of hours. Copa Airlines, which is headquartered in the Republic of Panama, features flights from Newark, NJ, JFK in New York, NY, Dulles in Washington, DC, Houston, TX, Miami, FL and from Los Angeles, CA.

Both Delta Airlines and Northwest Airlines have flights from Atlanta, GA.

Travel by air has been more reasonably priced than one might think; it can be anywhere from $168.00 one way and up. Rates also fluctuate with the season, just like anywhere else, and with fuel costs prices fluctuate, so check the below sites for rates and dates.

In addition to these carriers, you may also check with Avianca, Mexicana, Taca, Lasca, or Aero Mexico who are generally connecting flights going through Mexico, Columbia, Costa Rica and El Salvador.
The airport in Panama City is called Tocumen whose symbol is PTY. Over the last few years it has been upgrading with the increase of travel from abroad. It is not, however, huge or full of vendors with food and souvenirs. If you have a hotel shuttle, it will be right outside the baggage claim area. Taxicabs are abundant, just be prepared to speak a little Spanish to direct them, por favor. You will be recognized, most likely, as a foreigner, and be approached in English as well. Expect to pay about $30 to downtown Panama City, unless you share a ride with someone else. It is best to establish the price with the driver before you get in the car. The ride is less than a half an hour giving you your first experience of the warm temperatures and one magnificent skyline welcoming you to Panama.

For individual airlines with web links and contact informatiom please click here.


Airlines traveling between Europe and Panama
Traveling from London, check American Airlines, British Airways, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, or Iberia.
A stopover in the United States or Costa Rica.


Two of the top carriers to Panama are showing the following: Continental Airlines (CAL), with revenues of $15.2 billion in 2008, will earn $0.33 per share in 2009.

Copa Airlines is Panama-based recently announced to add to its current fleet and placed an order for 13 Boeing 737-800 airplanes, plus an option for an additional eight airplanes. This order will represent a total investment of approximately $1 billion (USD).

Copa CEO, Pedro Heilbron, “this order reaffirms our confidence in our business model and the growth potential of Latin American aviation.

Copa Holdings (CPA) of Panama, with revenues of $1.3 billion in 2008, will earn $4.22 per share in 2009. PanAm Airlines helped start Copa in 1947. The founders of PanAm, Juan Trippe and Sam Prior made a deal to give Copa 3 planes.

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