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By Juan Carlos Martinez

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The Republic of Panama is fast emerging as a health-supporting destination for residents of the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom. An attractive alternative for people seeking elective procedures and complex specialized surgeries, medical tourism benefits people interested in such treatments as joint replacement, cardiac surgery, dental and cosmetic surgeries not routinely covered by primary medical insurance. Historically, tourists have been drawn to Panama by the culture, cuisine and breathtaking natural beauty of the region. Today, health- and fitness-minded travelers also include the presence of high-quality medical treatment when considering destinations overseas.

Medical tourism provides an opportunity to receive a much-needed treatment while visiting the beautiful locales and sites of a foreign country. As the healthcare systems in developed regions, such as the United States and Europe, become increasingly expensive and the wait period to receive treatment grows lengthier, more and more people are crossing international borders to obtain medical care. Since payment for elective procedures is typically made from one’s own pocket, it is advantageous to search for U.S. affiliated hospitals overseas that provide high-quality medical services at the most competitive prices. Chief among those is Panama.

Reputable hospitals with U.S. affiliations
The thriving medical tourism practice in Panama is due in great part to the country’s world-class physicians and facilities as well as the local currency: the U.S. dollar. Many of the Republic’s doctors are bilingual, board certified and accustomed to working with the same medical equipment and technology used in the United States and Europe. Most of have been trained in the U.S. where they went on to practice for several years. They return to Panama to work in first-rate facilities boasting state-of-the-art medical equipment. The Hospital Punta Pacifica, for example, is affiliated with John Hopkins Medicine International and equipped to handle all phases of heart disease from the elementary to the latest clinical procedures, such as interventional cardiac cauterization and surgical cardiac transplants. Averaging 98.5%, their success rate is on par with leading cardiac centers around the world.

The various procedures offered at Panama’s hospitals include dental implants, plastic surgery, assisted reproduction, cardiology, cosmetic dentistry, pulmonology and orthopedics. Many of these medical facilities also have affiliations with international organizations, such as Harvard Medical Faculty, Johns Hopkins International Hospitals, physicians at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Baptist Health International of Miami, Cleveland Clinic, Tulane Health Science Center, Miami Children’s Hospital, University of Nebraska Medical Center and the Kendall Medical Center in Florida.

After the requisite surgery or medical procedure, patients often recuperate at any number of Panama’s beautiful beach, rainforest or mountain resorts. The region’s exquisite climate, scenic beauty, cultural diversity and strategic geographic location make it an ideal environment in which to rest and rejuvenate after surgery. First-rate clinics designed to meet the discerning medical needs of foreigners are presently under development near beaches and other inviting locations. South Seas Pharmaceuticals SA Panama has joined hands with the country’s Hospital Punta Pacifica to provide a wide variety of comprehensive services that cater to patients’ desires from the moment they arrive up until their departure.

World-class treatment at half the cost
Panama offers the finest medical technology and surgery at nearly 30%-50% savings over medical treatment fees in the
continued U.S. and Europe. A routine coronary bypass surgery that costs $60,000 in the United States is $30,000 at the
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Panama City and David has excellent medical facilities. Private care providers are reasonably priced and world class. Most doctors speak excellent English and were educated abroad in the U.S., Canada or Europe. Panama has everything available in the modern world of technology and Health.


Panama offers Medical travelers a wide choice of procedures. As health care costs sore, patients are looking at Panama for medical treatment's. Panama, has low costs and highly trained doctors to appeal to the growing number of medical tourists. Panama offers hospitals that rival USA hospitals at almost half of the cost.


Panama’s economy, is one of the fastest growing economies in Latin America. Panama’s GDP has grown over eight % in each of the last three years. Panama’s per capita GDP ranks among the highest in all of Latin America. In 2008, the unemployment level in Panama was 5.6 percent. For a global down turn this number is impressive


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