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ATTORNEYS IN PANAMA: Can’t live with us, can’t live without us!

visaWhen moving to Panama, there are three things you must navigate. Obtaining a place to live, getting a visa and getting an attorney. Panama has a unique legal system, with a good side, and with some pitfalls. For instance, property purchases can be a really simple, or sometimes more complicated. Immigration is never simple, and this goes for hiring an excellent attorney. Experience and expertise are critical.

As a starting place, let's say you wish to buy a property. In Panama, it’s the buyer who has to pay the legal fees and all expenses required for property purchase and registration. This is actually not bad because this means the buyer gets to call the shots for the purchase. Your legal representative will draft the contracts so as to protect you and your investment. Additionally the attorney handles the registration process and oversees all legal procedures are properly done and most importantly, done according to Panamanian Law.

There are nightmare stories that we all hear about. Land is put up for sale, you fall in love with it, even buy it, only to discover that it does not have full title rights. Now your funds are gone and you are in an entangled mess. This is not to present fear, but to encourage wise counsel. The laws and regulations are quite different in Panama than your country of origin.

Another very important matter is Immigration. This is the process of obtaining a visa or acquiring a pensionado visa. In most cases it can be a time consuming and complicated process. You will have to present your petition for visas before the Immigration Department through an attorney. The immigration office is a daunting place to enter alone, especially without being fluent in Spanish and knowing the law. Thus, good legal competence is a must to make this process as seamless as possible. Immigration laws vary from country to country.

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As a cautionary note, be mindful of any attorney who says yes to everything and tells you "that the process is quick and simple". It’s not! Contracts, purchases and visas take time and patience. As one knows, selecting an attorney who speaks your language fluently is paramount; you don’t want to have anything ‘lost in translation’. One word can change everything, which could create legal or monetary complications. Always ask for in advance, an estimate on the costs and the expected fees. It is our firm’s practice to provide up front, all estimates of the costs involved in obtaining your visas or property acquisitions.

Please visit LEGAL CORP PANAMA web site www.legalcorppanama.com ... Our firm has been helping people relocate to Panama with great success for many years. We are fluent in English and make house calls whenever you require. We are not your typical suited-up, legal-jargon-talking attorneys. We like to keep it clear and simple. Just let us do our job, because we do it well.

Alejandro Ávila, a Panamanian Attorney with a Masters Degree in Commercial Law and is a Licensed Public Translator. For inquiries, please contact him at (507) 209-2677, (507) 209-2678 or write him an email to avila@legalcorppanama.com


US Dollar as regular currency.


Known as “The World’s International Cross Roads” due to the Canal,
Panama has the largest Free Trade Zone of the Western Hemisphere.


Democratic government with a strong economy.


A world class Telecommunications Hub.

Panama is the most modern banking center in Latin America with over 100 plus Banks.


Panama is considered one of the safest countries in the world.


The Isthmus of Panama is known for its excellent geographical position.


Panama created "The City of Knowledge", an international center for research, education,
and innovation, This vast area was created to promote synergies between universities and
scientific research centers, with an eye focused on the new economy, international
organizations and businesses.


As one of the top-performing banks in Panama is Banco General. Selected, based on the following factors: Profitability, Growth in assets, Customer service, Competitive pricing, Strategic relationships and Innovative products.


World class Health facilities, offering North American procedures at a fraction of the cost.
Many of these medical facilities also have affiliations with Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Beth Israel, Cleveland Clinic, Tulane, University of Nebraska Medical Center.



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