Panama: One of the Top Preferred Destinations in the World (continued)

The Albrook Mall in Ancon, just outside Panama City is one of the largest anywhere. Every time I have been there, it has been packed with people. It is so large; good walking shoes are a must. To get to Albrook Mall, there are bus routes, even from Colon on the Caribbean side of the country. It is just that popular.

downtown trees

Panama City has always been the center of the country in all ways. It is the financial hub being home to HBSC, Citibank, Bladex, Banco General, Banco Nacional de Panama to name a few. In years past, much of the services we have all grown dependent on, such as banking, health care and shopping, had to be found in the city itself. Now, you can do business in many more locations. Read our article of Coronado as an example of the growth and possibilities outside Panama City. There has been an addition of three shopping plazas in the last year alone. (Two are still under construction). Housing is on the rise as well. There are many new gated communities with freestanding homes and condominiums, or if you wish your own farm, that too is available.

We welcome you to come for a visit to see for yourself just how wonderful this country is. Panama Q is a doorway or viewing platform before you arrive in the sunny and sultry land, designed to open your eyes and provide all the information you might need.




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