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In creating the extension of Balboa Avenue picks up a great deal of 'green'
space with beautiful parks, walking paths and a parallel road extension to
ease downtown traffic congestion

Panama offers a sophisticated business district, with high speed internet connections and totally modern infrastructure. The country houses several beautiful apartments with an excellent view of the sea, besides numerous suburban subdivisions. Punta Pacifica, one of the more exclusive, upscale residential areas in Panama City, has attracted numerous property tycoons who have announced many projects in the wake of the ongoing expansion of the Panama Canal.

Safety and security of tourists and their belongings is a major factor deciding the popularity of a tourist nation or destination. The prestigious Pinkerton Global Intelligence service provides the highest rating for tourist safety in Panama. Due to the international importance of the Panama Canal, Panama also enjoys international protection and monitoring by major G-7 nations. Panamanian people are gentle, friendly, fun-loving and helpful, and their favorite pastime is partying. The country is a shopper’s paradise for everything from clothes to computers and electronics to automobiles! Supermarkets in Panama can be easily mistaken for American supermarkets because of their large collection of American products.explosions

Panama’s unusual history, its importance as a transport and trade hub and the ongoing expansion of the Panama Canal has thrown open many opportunities. The country’s favorable laws have made it a popular tourist destination, resulting in massive
investments and significant activity in its real estate segment.


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Panama climate has two seasons. Both seasons average 87 degrees. The mountain areas have a pleasant temperature swing from the high 70's by day to the 40's on occasion in the evening.


According to Reuters and other press outlets, President elect Martinelli has committed his administration to “massive infrastructure spending in partnership with foreign investors”. This spending is not likely to stop anytime soon. The Panama Canal undergoing a major $6 billion (+) expansion.

Panama's strategic location benefits the world of trade, along with booming tourism, this hub of the America's is poised well going into the 21ST century.

La Colorada, Azuero (dry) Peninsula is red hot for development. Quietly this area is being bought up by a "Who Who" list. Located near the towns of Las Tablas and Chitre which are major towns within the province of Los Santos.




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