Adult Stem Cell Therapy In Panama (continued)

Of critical importance is the fact that stem cells improve the blood supply to areas where it is needed. By doing this, stem cells provide a significant possibility of improving medical conditions where, in the past, not much could be done.

A very important aspect of Adult Stem Cell Treatment is the safety of these stem cells. There are many studies that have been done around the world which demonstrate the safety in using such cells.

stem cell treatment

Stem cell therapy does not involve just one physician or one type of treatment. A number of board certified physicians and surgeons that work as a team is essential. The laboratory associated with the treatment facility must meet the highest standards. The entire treatment program requires a number of permits, and most important, a license from the Ministry of Health of Panama which allows treatment of patients with adult stem cells. The number of years of operation, the numbers and types of patients treated, and the standards of care are all important factors that promote positive outcomes.

Locating a stem cell therapy facility in Panama requires careful consideration of both the research and type of treatment offered, the quality of the treatment facility and follow-up care. Guidelines for acceptance into the program and evaluation prior to treatment to assure that all guidelines are met is critical. Case study and review by a multispecialty board can discuss cases that apply. Adherence to American Standards of Care is necessary for both the treatment facility and the laboratory.

Patients from around the world are finding HOPE in this medicine of the future which is actually medicine of the here and now in Panama.


Dr. Jorge Paz Rodriguez, Board Certified in Internal Medicine, has an international practice at the Wellmed Clinic in Panama City. Located in Marbella, Calle 53, at Centro Comercial La Florida, (507) 269-1795. From outside of Panama, please add country code 011. In addition, Dr. Paz Rodriguez is Medical Director of the Stem Cell Institute of Panama.






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